Best YouTube Video Downloaders | Youtube Mp3 And Mp4 Converters

YouTube is a Good place for any type of videos, you can find pretty much anything there from step-by-step recipes to Prank videos and cartoons. There are certain situations when you may want to download YouTube videos and save them to your hard drive for instant access even if you are offline or the original video has been removed from YouTube.

First thing you’ll need is to find a good quality YouTube video downloader. We’ll discuss the best options available in this article. Also you may be worried about the process of downloading from YouTube being legal at all. Well, taking copyright into consideration, as long as it is for personal use it is kind of OK. However if you look into Google’s terms of service for YouTube, you’ll see it saying: “You shall not download any Content unless you see a ‘download’ or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content.” So according to Google’s terms downloading from YouTube is strictly undesirable, especially if you just want to share a video. To share a YouTube video you can either embed it, or email the link, or share to your social network profile. There is really no need to download for sharing purposes, but we can understand that there are times you might absolutely need a certain video on your computer, and for that we wrote this article.

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