Rabb.it Alternatives in 2021 – Best Rabb.it Similar Websites

Rabb.it is an application that enables users to watch movies and shows together. It is perfect for users who want to have a good experience with their friends. The global lockdown has increased the need for such an application. It is perfect for users who live far off distances. You can synchronize the streams to have a great experience. The service works with multiple platforms like Netflix, Youtube, and many others.

The service is also available across all different available devices. Recently the platform saw a rebranding. They are now known as Kast. You can have a great experience with the app, but recently there have been many changes. In this guide, we will discuss some of the alternatives to Rabb.it.

Top 6 Best Rabb.it Alternatives

Rabb.it has a lot of amazing alternatives coming up. These days many new applications with similar functions are now out in the market. People love to stay connected with each other. App developers are improving on the application. 2020 has been the year full of bringing innovation. Here are the top picks that are available online. Download them today to start streaming with all of your friends now.

1. Watch2Gether

The online platform is a great alternative for the rabbit as it makes streaming simple for everyone. Anyone can access the different sources on this website. It helps you watch content easily with your friends. Users can spend time together and make memories.

Streaming together has become a common part of our lives these days. Users can enjoy the internet in sync with their friends. Start streaming videos, music, or any live content through this website. It is quite easy to use for first-time participants as well.

What’s to like

  • Users get an amazing video player that synchronizes everything.
  • You can talk to your friends through the simple yet effective chat room feature.
  • It supports major platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, and many others.
  • Anyone can create a playlist on the platform for an online slumber party with friends.
  • The website doesn’t require you to create an account for the use.

Overall it is a great service but doesn’t support TV shows and movie streaming services like Netflix.

2. Netflix Party

The application wins 2020. It is a new addition to the google chrome extension store. They have been offering users with streaming coordination services. The popular platform today for watching content is Netflix. The site is easily accessible by everyone. Users can add this application to their browsers to connect easily.

The features are also quite amazing in this addition. It allows you to synchronize the stream and watch the content together. Overall it is the perfect software tool to watch your favorite shows. We recommend it to all our readers.

What’s to like

  • There is live synchronization of all the videos you are viewing.
  • You can utilize the message feature for all the participants in the chat.
  • It works with Hulu, Disney, and HBO as well.
  • Users can customize their avatars for easy communications.
  • One-click installation for use.

3. Rave.io

Rave.io is a social platform for your communication. It is perfect for users who enjoy entertainment on their phones. Rabbit is also available on smartphones, but it is not suitable for long term use. Many users face issues of constant lag. Through Rave.io, users can have a voice as well as text conversations with their friends.

The app is quite easy to use on both Android and iOS devices. It reduces the clutter on your phone. The service is developing at an amazing pace. They are starting to offer watching features for VR users as well.

What’s to like

  • You can view the streaming services within the app without having to open them up.
  • Supports multiple websites and apps like Netflix, Google Drive, Youtube, and Vimeo.
  • It has an AI DJ setup, which can create mashups for your favorite music.
  • Users can run the app smoothly on all smartphone devices.
  • Anyone can connect with people from all around the world through this service.

4. TwoSeven.XYZ

It is a desktop extension for the Chrome browser. Users can utilize it to watch any content online. The platform works quite well, especially in 2020. The creators have been promoting this service for a long time. It doesn’t require any heavy downloads as such.

The extension easily integrates streaming content through different streaming websites. They support all the major apps that are popular today. Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Crunchyroll, and many others. The service offers a free and premium version to its consumers. You can utilize most of the features through the free version.

What’s to like

  • Users can enjoy a great virtual movie night with colleagues and friends across different platforms.
  • The service offers synchronizations to everyone so that the viewers are watching the same content.
  • You can also connect with a webcam on the extension for video conversations while streaming.
  • It supports all the major streaming services across the platform.
  • They have an entire online community over multiple applications for your support.

5. Airtime

The Airtime application is a great service for smartphone users. It brings amazing new features that are unique to the platform. You can enjoy a much better experience than the rabb. It app through Airtime. It has a great user interface which is quite fresh for us.

They are changing the way we define being social with our peers. It wins 2020 by making connectivity simple for the next generation. Video call with your friends while watching your favorite videos. It gives you real-time possibilities to react to something new. We recommend that you enjoy a great time streaming through this service.

What’s to like

  • Users can video chat with up to 10 people at the same time through this platform.
  • Share content with your friends through this application.
  • Everyone can stay connected through this service.


Rabb.it is the perfect place for users to stream content together. It has been giving some issues to many users. Through this guide, we try to answer your problems with alternative solutions. We hope the article solves the problems. Try these alternatives to enjoy a great streaming experience with friends.